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State of Carinthia
Stanje Koroškem
Flag of Carinthia
Motto: "Za domovino v imenu Boga"
For the Fatherland in the name of God
Status Constituent State of Etruria
and largest city
Official languages Italian
Demonym Carinthian
Government Constituent State
 -  President Viktor Maček
 -  President of the Senate Stanko Zidanšek
 -  Constitution of Etruria adopted January 1 1921 
 -  Constituent State status January 6 1921 
 -  Water (%) 1
 -  estimate 14,231,529 (2017)
 -  2014 census 13,997,484
HDI 0.843
very high
Currency Etrurian florin ()
Date format
Drives on the left

Carinthia or officially known as the State of Carinthia (Carinthian: Stanje Koroškem) (also known as Carinthia CS) is a landlocked Constituent State of Etruria. It covers XX square kilometers (XX sq mi) and has a population of 14.2 million. Its capital and largest city is Praproče.

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