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Repulic of Ossuccio
Repubblica di Ossuccio
Flag of Ossuccio
Ossuccio (dark red) in Vespasia (light red), within Etruria
Status Autonomous federal Region of Etruria
and largest city
Official languages Italian
Ethnic groups (2016) 88% Italian
4.5% Croat
4% Slovene
2% Other
Religion 96% Poveglian Catholic
2% Atheist
1% Other
Demonym Ossucian or Etrurian
Government Autonomous Federal Region
 -  Prefect Giacomo Vecchi
 -  President of the Assembly Giordano Macellari
Legislature Assembly
 -  Constitution of Etruria adopted January 1 1921 
 -  Autonomous status April 10 1921 
 -  Water (%) X
 -  2017 estimate 1,004,775
 -  2014 census 1,087,114
HDI 0.843
very high
Currency Etrurian florin ()
Date format
Drives on the left

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